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A whopping 8.8 million live in Regional Australia and outside the capital cities, making Boomtown one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing markets.

(Source: ABS: 3218.0 — Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2016-17)

Online Shopping

7 of the 12 biggest online shopping postcodes in Australia are in Boomtown.

(Source: Australia Post – Inside Australian Online Shopping, 2019)

Investment Opportunity

Despite 36% of the country living outside metro markets, only 10% of national media budgets are spent regionally. Meaning most brands could be reaching an extra 8.8 million Aussies by advertising in Boomtown.

(Source: ABS: 3218.0 — Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2016-17. SMI CY19)

Average Income

The average household income of Boomtown residents aged 25–54 is $105K. Combined with a lower cost of living, that gives Boomtown residents more cash to splash.

(Source: Nielsen CMV National Survey 1, 2020)

Uncluttered Market

Boomtown’s growing population presents a tremendous opportunity for brands looking to cut through and achieve results in Boomtown’s uncrowded marketplace.

(Source: ABS: 3218.0 — Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2016-17. SMI CY19)

Weekly Shop

Boomtown residents spend 5% more on their weekly grocery shop than their metro counterparts – $160 v $152.

(Source: Nielsen CMV National Survey 1, 2020)

Discretionary Income

Due to lower housing costs, Boomtown residents have higher discretionary incomes. So, it’s little wonder why business is Booming in regional Australia.


Boomtown residents travel as often as metro dwellers, with 62% of 25–54-year olds planning to take a holiday within Australia in the next year – vs. 57% metro.

(Source: Nielsen CMV National Survey 1 2020, P25-54)


Despite perceptions, more than half of Boomtown residents aged 25-54 are employed in white collar jobs. Bet you weren’t expecting that!

(Source: Nielsen CMV National Survey 1, 2020)

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