It’s time to rethink regional advertising.

Boomtown represents the 8.8m people living in regional Australia. One of the largest and fastest growing markets for your brand to tap into. It’s time to rethink regional advertising and discover why this is a market where your brand will boom.

With a lower cost of living due to cheaper housing, the people of Boomtown have both time and disposable income.

But only 10% of national media budgets are spent regionally, despite 36% of the country’s population living there. So your brand could reach an extra 8.8 million Aussies by advertising in Boomtown’s uncluttered environment.

In other words, Boomtown means business.

You can reach Boomtown’s valuable audience by advertising on one of the many regional radio stations, television networks, print and online publications as well as through Out of Home media solutions.

Make sure that Boomtown is on your next plan. Talk to one of the regional media owners today.

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